cloud vps hosting

What is Cloud VPS Hosting?

We are offering the best Cloud VPS Hosting at a very low-cost price in 45+ locations. Also presents an effortless and most effective cloud control panel to manage your VPS. By this, you can restart, format, use the VNC console, and you can alternate the root or administration password yourself, and additionally reinstall the full OS and web control panel. Within a second you have a chance to activate immediately.

cloud VPS hosting

Facts about Cloud VPS Hosting


Onlive Server presents VPS hosting for WordPress at a very low-cost price with high performance. Compared to dedicated hosting, VPS is a more cost-effective option. It operates on a smaller scale, which makes it extra affordable than simply renting a dedicated server for you. If your budget is low, you can consider VPS hosting.

The major benefit is that it is quite secure and provides service as compared to its shared web hosting option. As truly defined via the folks at, you also have several packages to select from when you opt for cloud VPS hosting. These include Cloud SSD VPS. Every bundle has its own set of specifications. You can get packages from as low as £10 month-to-month to £80 per month depending on your particular needs.

Package prices often depend on a variety of factors, which include the following:

Storage space



CPU strength

Self-Managed vs Managed VPS

Control or not

With the wide range of package options to pick out from, one can quite simply agree that cloud VPS web hosting can be an extremely good way to get a nice bang for your money.

2. Reliable Solution

Unlike shared hosting, VPS rarely lets you know about different users’ problems. When the use of a VPS, your website’s overall performance is reliable and stable. Why? Typically, a host has very few servers on every node, preventing such instances.

Imagine sharing a server with a user who has an old website that is likely to crash. The end result is a poorly performing website that you may not want, in particular, if you are in business.

3. The Option of a Managed Plan

With shared hosting, there is continually a risk of a data breach. But VPS is an extra security option. If you settle for a managed VPS, you can attain out to the support team immediately in case of hacker attacks or threats. Plus, the support team is always on the lookout for any records safety breaches that may want to put your systems, processes, or business reputation at risk. It can also protect your business from a range of potential lawsuits from clients or partners.

4. Freedom of Usage

The beauty of cloud VPS hosting is that it affords you greater manage over your website and the software program you use. With a shared server, you have to work with the software program the host prefers. Using both choices can cause safety issues with the host.

So, if your business uses specific software, a VPS is the way to go because you can make changes as you wish.

5. You Might Experience Downtime

Compared to dedicated hosting, a VPS can still current issue. If the host fails to exact partition the server, its capability that some shared assets may additionally be strained. Such loss of performance can occur if your host has extra users on a particular server than it is capable of.

If you want complete control over your resources, one factor is certain. Instead, it would be smart to go for dedicated hosting. Although it is more costly than VPS, however with dedicated hosting, you can have all the resources. Still, the budget can be a bit limited for small businesses and startups that want to save as much cash as they can.

6. Configuration is Complicated

VPS is more complicated to set up and run as compared to shared hosting. Although it is easier to configure than a dedicated server, it still requires a higher level of expertise than shared hosting.

However, for a single user, this shouldn’t be a problem. The only challenge would be if the configuration is not done correctly, thereby affecting performance.

7. Enables Scalability

For small business owners who have reached the top of their overall performance and have no want for expansion, a shared host can also work. But, if you have expansion plans, VPS is the best choice. Why? As your business grows, greater traffic comes your way.

A VPS allows you to expand your capability and still have a higher-performing server. Other than that, all you have to do is select the next hosting plan without dropping functionality.


Where flexibility is concerned, you will struggle to find a better option than cloud hosting. It gives a robust architecture where you take the benefit of a full network of servers around the world. This creates an unlimited pool of system resources where you always have plenty reachable for your website.

If you would like to learn more about our cloud solutions, contact the Onlive Server support team.