Game Dedicated Server

There are various advantages of Game Dedicated Server hosting advantages. Those are respectively. There are optimized servers with up to 216TB disk space to offer you the provision of the best storage price ratio.


4 Cores


Our all server hosting plans are fully customized and managed

Game Dedicated Server

Various disks are available for the option of a FS-Max servers which can add up to 36 disks at your server. Those available disks are respectively; SATA, SSD, NVMe etc. The another advantage is of RAM ECC which is an error correcting code. The ECC code prevents the data from being corrupted. It also offers you guaranteed stability along with security. It is available for all series.

Name Processor RAM Harddisk Bandwidth IP Location Monthly Price
UK Dedicated - DSX1No Additional IPNo Additional BandwidthLondon, UK$89.00
UK Dedicated - DSX2No Additional IPNo Additional BandwidthLondon, UK$99.00
UK Dedicated - DSX3No Additional IPNo Additional BandwidthLondon, UK$130.00
UK Dedicated - DSX4No Additional IPNo Additional BandwidthLondon, UK$300.00
UK Dedicated - DSX5No Additional IPNo Additional BandwidthLondon, UK$300.00

Various uses of a Game Dedicated Server hosting –


Back-up server – It is well designed to store a large volume of data. The servers in this series are appropriate for back-up storage spaces. It can help you in creating secure back-ups for your operating systems and also for any other files.

Multimedia Storage – Many projects require many stationary as well as primary files to be readily available which are usually images or videos. The servers generally have 500 Mbit/s of guaranteed bandwidth which is caused and sorted to be perfect for video streaming and file sharing.

High Volume Database Storage – Generally, the Game Dedicated Server hosting can host up to 216 TB of data. You can always utilize your server for hosting back-ups which are originated from the SQLs and it can also host databases.


Ans. To run your recreation server, you will want a pc with a high-speed web connection. Additionally, you will want to have the sport consumer mounted on your computer. Finally, you will want a recreation server host that meets the minimal device necessities for the sport you desire to play.

Ans. Price: Of course, you may choose to locate a location that presents an aggressive rate for your server. However, do not sacrifice first-rate or purchaser carrier for a decrease price.

Quality: Make positive the corporation you are shopping for from has exquisite servers. You don’t desire your server to crash or have different troubles throughout game play.

Ans. If you are searching for the satisfactory recreation server, seem no similarly than Game Dedicated Server. We provide the industry’s most complete recreation server packages; with the entirety you want to start. From CPU and reminiscence to storage and bandwidth, we’ve got received you covered. Our crew of specialists is handy 24/7/365 to assist you get the most out of your sport server.

Ans. Setting up a sport dedicated server normally entails the following steps:

  • Renting a dedicated server from a web hosting provider
  • Configuring the server to meet the necessities of the game
  • Installing the sport server software program and any integral updates or mods
  • Configuring the recreation server settings, such as participant slots, map rotation, and server rules
  • Opening the essential ports on your router or firewall to permit gamers to join to the server

Ans. The price of a dedicated recreation server relies upon on numerous factors, such as the kind of game, the dimension and kind of hardware used, and different features. At server hosting, we provide customized options for sport servers that are tailor-made to every customer’s desires so that you can get the exceptional overall performance for your sport barring breaking the bank. Contact us these days to talk about your preferences and locate out how a good deal it would value to have your devoted recreation server!