Storage Dedicated Server

Storage Dedicated server hosting are meant for maximized space to store and back up your data whenever necessary.


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Storage Dedicated Server

Storage Dedicated servers are considered as the servers which are higher disk space optimizable for storing large volumes of data, archiving and performing various back-ups. You can always choose from the servers with the best price storage ratio which are generally equipped with high performance and many reliable disks. In the storage range, there is always a space for the servers with higher storage capacities, writing speeds which generally covers all issues. You can always choose from the dedicated and guaranteed resources for optimizing and maximizing the availability of your data.

Name Processor RAM Harddisk Bandwidth IP Location Monthly Price
UK Dedicated - DSX1No Additional IPNo Additional BandwidthLondon, UK$89.00
UK Dedicated - DSX2No Additional IPNo Additional BandwidthLondon, UK$99.00
UK Dedicated - DSX3No Additional IPNo Additional BandwidthLondon, UK$130.00
UK Dedicated - DSX4No Additional IPNo Additional BandwidthLondon, UK$300.00
UK Dedicated - DSX5No Additional IPNo Additional BandwidthLondon, UK$300.00

Various advantages of Storage Dedicated server’s –

Storage Dedicated
Storage Dedicated

It offers the customization of hot swapping where you are offered with the provision of changing disks without turning off the server. It is therefore necessary to mention that, by the mode of hot swapping, you can always replace a defective disk. Generally, defective disks are the disks which are necessitated to be removed from the server without the effect of any service interruptions. It is important to remember that it is a very vital step and also a vital medium towards achieving a high availability Storage Dedicated server hosting. There are various Storage Dedicated Server Hosting where the hot swapping can be performed.

The provision of a vRack where the OVH private network is inclusive. The Storage Dedicated server hosting always provide with the high storage capacity. The series also utilizes the private network by default mechanism. With the help of vRack, you can always make a connection of your products to one another. The other products are respectively; dedicated servers, VPS, public cloud instances etc. All these operations must be made through a secured and protected network. It is quite irrelevant that they are dependent or based on the same data centre or various data centres. The data centres can remain anywhere across the globe.


Ans. When safeguarding your data, that’s why our Storage Dedicated Server comes with strong backup. In the tournament of a server failure, our backup methods will make certain that your records are shortly restored from a current backup. For a dedicated server, this commonly consists of the running system, software, databases, and any customization or configurations.

Ans. The quantity of storage space you want will rely on the dimension and kind of internet site you have. For example, a small private internet site can also solely require a few hundred megabytes, whilst a giant e-commerce web site may want to require various gigabytes.

Ans. The quantity of storage area reachable on a dedicated server can differ significantly relying on the dimension and configuration of the server. A small single-drive server may also solely have a few hundred gigabytes of storage space, whilst a enormous multi-drive server can have quite a few terabytes. The quantity of storage area you want will rely on your precise requirements. The 2d element to think about is the measurement of the difficult drives used for storage. The large the tough drive, the extra records it can store.

Ans. RAID is a statistics storage science that combines a couple of bodily drives into one logical unit. The major gain of RAID is that it can grant accelerated reliability and overall performance by means of striping statistics throughout a range of industries. Non-RAID storage refers to the use of a single bodily power to keep data.

Ans. If you are searching to migrate to a Storage Dedicated Server, there are a few matters you will want to consider. Additionally, you may want to make sure that your functions are well suited with the new server and that any vital licenses are in place. Finally, you will want to work with your IT crew to make certain a clean transition.