Linux Dedicated Server

Linux Dedicated Server hosting or Private Server hosting is an arrangement for dedicated server within a shared web hosting environment.


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Our all server hosting plans are fully customized and managed

Linux Dedicated Server Is Incredible For Your Website

So, it is basically functioning as a combination of VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. The customer gets exclusive access to the operating system with the help of which they can install any software they want. Best Linux Dedicated Server hosting plans have two categories, managed Dedicated Server and unmanaged Dedicated Server.

Name Processor RAM Harddisk Bandwidth IP Location Monthly Price
UK Dedicated - DSX1No Additional IPNo Additional BandwidthLondon, UK$89.00
UK Dedicated - DSX2No Additional IPNo Additional BandwidthLondon, UK$99.00
UK Dedicated - DSX3No Additional IPNo Additional BandwidthLondon, UK$130.00
UK Dedicated - DSX4No Additional IPNo Additional BandwidthLondon, UK$300.00
UK Dedicated - DSX5No Additional IPNo Additional BandwidthLondon, UK$300.00

Managed Dedicated Server provides you with a control panel which is responsive and you get technical support while the unmanaged does not have these benefits.

Benefits of Linux Dedicated Server hosting

Any small or medium scale business will find this very beneficial in terms of control flexibility and performance.

  1. Reliability

When you build your own website, the primary thing to keep in mind is the reliability of your site. What the best Linux Dedicated Server does is it increases reliability. If a single server is used by many users, it can affect the performance and uptime of their websites but with Dedicated Server, you get your own personal server. The RAM, Server Load and other issues are also removed.

  1. Cost-Effective

The option for cheap Linux Dedicated Server is mind-blowing, considering the number of benefits it provides. The more upgraded features, resources and support you opt for the more expensive Dedicated Server hosting becomes as compared to shared hosting. But that is completely up to you. There are many cheap Dedicated Server services out there.

The hosting providers would cost you around $89 per month and that is for the simplest plans. The added resources and service will cost you extra but once you are installed with these, they will last longer and help your business for a long time.

  1. Efficiency

A virtual private server is always an independent dedicated server, although the server might be controlling other virtual environments. You get the administrative rights on their Linux Dedicated Server and there are other applications like MySQL, PHP and Apache which can be installed.


Ans. Some advantages of the use of a devoted server include:

  • Stability: Linux is recognized for its steadiness and reliability, which makes it well-suited for walking servers.
  • Security: Linux is viewed to be greater impervious than different working systems, as it is much less prone to sure sorts of attacks.
  • Customization: Because Linux is open-source, customers have get admission to the supply code and can adjust it to swimsuit their needs.

Ans. At Linux Dedicated Server, we recognize that your internet site is critical to your business. We provide some of the industry’s pleasant server reliability and uptime scores. Our servers are monitored 24/7/365 via our crew of experts, and we warranty 99.9% uptime for all our customers. So, you can relaxation guaranteed that your internet site will constantly be up and strolling when your clients want it.


  • Command-line interface: Users can control the server the use of the command-line interface (CLI) to operate duties such as growing users, managing services, and monitoring device resources.
  • Graphical consumer interface (GUI): Users can use a GUI-based device such as GNOME or KDE to manipulate the server.
  • Remote administration tools: Users can use far flung administration equipment such as SSH (Secure Shell) to get right of entry to and manipulate the server remotely.

Ans. There are a few methods to take a look at the quantity of free area on your Linux dedicated server. The as a substitute way is to use the do power. This command will exhibit you the free house on all your hooked up filesystems. Another way to test the quantity of free house on your server is to use the command. This command will exhibit you the dimension of all documents and directories on your server.