Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting for Website

Cheapest Dedicated Server

One of the qualities of Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting is that each of the hosting plans has the WHM (Web Host Manager). Onlive Infotech best in make Dedicated Servers setup in cheapest rates with high gradient functionalities and benefitslike: DDoS, Cpanel, CMS, SSL and many more. Web Host Manager gives complete control over the creation and customization of the user account in the server. Creating a customized account will provide the users with the opportunity to have extended control and management of the server. A dedicated server is upgradable. You can convert to Dedicated Server from the pre-existing VPS Hosting server anytime. You need just to have a word with your server provider and get it ordered. Our Cheapest Dedicated Server made by high technology. Want a Best Dedicated Hosting then choose Onlive Infotech server platform.

Data Migration and Configuration

For those customers who already have a fully managed account, the dedicated server providers will migrate all your data from the present account to the newly created account. You can also further upgrade your dedicated server to Premium DNS. Premium DNS is an updated feature that will provide more exclusive security and privacy to your server. It will also enhance the performance of your server to the next level. The upgrade process is straightforward. Dedicated Server is one of the servers with the easiest and quickest configuration. So, for the users who want to upgrade to Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting they do not have to worry much about the time and the complexities that generally comes up with the up-gradation process. Some custom configurations and add-on may take some extra set up time, however.

Data Merging

Another feature of Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting is the presence of RAID or Redundant Array of Independent Disks. Under this RAID, you can save all your data on the multiple hard disks that are present. After storing the data, it also links all these many disks. This linking of various disks is necessary. By connecting, your operating system will view your server data as the single entity. Taking all the data as a separate entity will assist in faster process and interpretation of the data. In the standard dedicated server, RAID-1 is offered for both the Windows and Linux operating system.

Performance Optimization

This method of storing data is also known as mirroring. In this RAID method at least two disks are used. Using multiple disks will enhance the security of your data. Initially, it may look like that the performance may get some lags due to the distribution of data to multiple disks. But actually, after merging of all the drives into a single entity, the performance will be much smoother. Apart from that Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting is always equipped with 24 x 7 hours dedicated technical support helpline solving your query and complaint anytime. Get finest optimization with the Best Dedicated Server Hosting plans.