Germany VPS

Germany VPS is for its reliability and security when it comes to virtual private server. The service provider offers two types of VPS, namely, dedicated and shared. OnLive Server utilizes a powerful KVM hypervisor to give Germany VPS Servers Hosting services in Germany. Its highly secure application can achieve a high level for business website owners. The application that is provide by Onlive Server is Cloud Panel. This application enables business website owners to install the web-based administration panel on their computers. They also have the option to create virtual domains for websites.

Understanding Cloud Panel Of Germany VPS Server

  • By using the CloudPanel, business owners can manage their sites by providing different levels of security, including application controls, email accounts, and databases. There are other features that a business owner can use from Cloud Panel.
  • The application also gives customer support to its customers. This is achieve a live chat with a customer representative so that the business owner can efficiently resolve problems with his website.
  • Businesses that want to host more than one website can choose the web server that can be for more than one website. This gives an adequate level of flexibility to the website owner.
  • Cloud Panel allow a web site administrator to create virtual domains for his websites. This also gives the web host more flexibility to host other types of web-based applications.
  • A web site owner can also use this application to create an online store. This allows him to accept credit card payments without any hassle.

Why Choose Germany VPS

  • There is no need to change the software’s security measure, even if another website owner wants to take over the web server. The website administrator can install and configure the application on his computer, which makes it easier for him to manage the website.
  • For security purposes, the service provider provides two levels of authentication. It uses asymmetric key encryption to protect against unauthor access and is protected by the NaCl cryptosystem.
  • The data center of the service provider is secure and isolated. It is entirely separate from the Internet, to avoid any downtime caused by outside attacks.
  • The cost of hosting virtual private servers in Germany is considerably cheaper than that of shared hosting. The only price that you need to pay is for the installation of the software.
  • This make it possible for you to get dedicated servers for your website without any restriction. You can utilize any operating system or browser on the server and also have access to all features of the software.
Benefits of VPS Hosting
  • The virtual servers allow you to control and modify your website according to your needs. You can use this feature to add your software, and more websites, add or remove pages, and add additional security features.
  • The flexibility offered by dedicated servers allows you to upgrade the security levels of your website, or to reduce the cost of hosting by using your bandwidth to provide better security. With virtual private servers, you can choose the best options to meet the needs of your business.
  • You do not have to change your web server regularly and can save money on the costs of IT support for your business. If a problem occurs with the website, you can contact the technical support team to troubleshoot the problem and repair the website. If the server is down, you are not responsible for fixing it.
  • You can also choose to switch virtual servers if you want to. This enables you to switch to another service provider easily and quickly.
  • You can improve your business operations by using dedicated servers for your web hosting. As compared to shared hosting, you will save money on the costs of electricity, maintenance, and bandwidth.
  • It is very convenient to use web servers to run your business. You can increase your productivity and can concentrate on other aspects of your business. You can also use dedicated servers for your websites and e-commerce sites.
  • Onlive Server offers many Europe VPS Server Hostings Services in Europe through CloudPanel. Its unique applications can reach an extraordinary level for business website owners. The Cloud computing VPS Hosting configuration located in Germany offers the optimum solution scope for west Country Europe, with a starting plan of only $9 per month… The web hosting service provides a simple set up process and is flexible to suit several clients. It is a fully managed web hosting service that offers VPS (Virtual Private Servers) as a hosting option. For this type of VPS service, Onlive is the most popular company providing the Cloud hosting service.

Cloud Germany VPS Server Hosting                                               

Cloud Hosting is provided by OnLive that has been in the IT industry for many years now. This company is rendering a wide range of services like virtual private servers, web hosting, and other web-based solutions. OnLive Cloud Hosting enables users to have various types of web applications installed on the Managed VPS Server. These applications are available from any Internet site. This makes OnLive’s web hosting service suitable for those business website owners who want to host their websites with OnLive’s web server. OnLive’s web server can be accessed at any internet site.

Also, Cloud Web hosting service gives unlimited bandwidth, as well as a large amount of storage space. The Cloud Web hosting service offers various software applications such as PHP, MySQL, ASP and MS SQL, etc. To get this kind of VPS server hosting facility, one needs to select a suitable cloud provider for that. To find an appropriate provider, one needs to research the Internet. The research process will give an idea of the availability of Cloud web hosting services in different countries. Once the research is completed, one can select the service provider that is most suitable for his requirements. The hosting web service can be availed by paying a small monthly payment that can be used for purchasing a VPS server.