What is the New Zealand VPS Server?

If you’re looking for New Zealand VPS server. That suits your business needs, then Onlive Server is here to serve you best. They have multiple data centers located. All over New Zealand to ensure better connectivity and swift response time. As compared to other hosting providers in New Zealand.

How to find the New Zealand VPS Server for your needs?

There are a few factors that can determine. What type of server to use, including things like how much space. You need and how much bandwidth your company requires. It’s important to choose your plan based on realistic needs. A business owner who selects a plan that isn’t big enough is setting themselves, up for inefficiency and frustration, while a business that is purchasing more resources than they need will be wasting money.

Physical New Zealand VPS Servers – New Features

Physical servers are located at Onlive Server’s data centers located in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch & Dunedin. This is why they ensure full redundancy across their entire network. They also make sure that their clients receive priority support over any other company utilizing the same equipment and resources. Their data centers are continuously monitored 24/7 via both hardware and software technology to help prevent failures.

SSD Storage Space in New Zealand

Onlive Server offers 100GB of SSD storage space for all users, which is a bonus from most other providers in the industry. They have three different plans to choose from Starter, Pro, and Premium. There are no setup fees involved; you only pay for what you use and nothing else. Each plan comes with its own IP address, as well as remote access to your server by logging into OnLive Client Manager (OCM). With OCM, you can change settings and watch resource utilization details in real-time.

Customizable Control Panel

Our control panel offers a lot of flexibility, whether you want to manage your server from your own computer or you prefer using the internet browse Customizable Control Panel to handle everything. If you’re tech-savvy and comfortable working in Linux, we give you full root access. We don’t lock you into a single piece of software; instead, our platform works on any modern web browser, like Firefox or Google Chrome.

24/7 Support System – Live Chat

You are able to reach out to our support team at any time. They are always available 24/7, regardless of your schedule. You will never feel like you have left a query unanswered ever again. Our customer service agents have been carefully selected based on their communication skills, so there is no language barrier between you and them – they are fluent in English as well as Hindi and other regional languages.

Money-Back Guarantee Program

One of the Onlive servers’ prime strengths is its money-back guarantee program, which allows clients to easily migrate to another hosting provider if they are not satisfied. This unique approach highlights Onlive servers’ confidence in their services and equipment and has helped them develop a strong reputation in their industry.


Onlive Server is a premier managed to host provider with data centers located in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch & Dunedin. They provide physical New Zealand VPS Hosting and their services are available only at the Onlive server. They have backup facilities which consist of generators as well as another facility located in South Island (Dunedin). Their services are safe and reliable but also affordable for everyone. You can visit www Onlive server.com for more information.