Japan Dedicated Server

Thinking of the features that Japan Dedicated Server should have, Onlive Server’s Japan Dedicated Server has been designed to give tremendous performance and high-quality services. This page explains the performance of the Japan Dedicated Server and the reasons for it. As you can see, this dedicated server has some great advantages and will surely benefit your online business, so check out its specifications below!

Benefits to use cloud hosting services

There are several benefits if you use cloud hosting services. They can be customized according to your needs and requirements, which is not possible with dedicated servers. They provide extra services, like web hosting or VPS hosting. The price of using a cloud server is considerably low compared to that of dedicated servers. Cloud technology has made internet usage faster than ever before; therefore all businesses should use cloud technology for their websites. The customers are also benefitted from these sites since they give high-speed connectivity at reasonable prices and time.

The most advanced data center

Tokyo is served by some of Asia’s most advanced data centers. Its facilities are powered by 100% renewable energy, offering your business maximum efficiency and flexibility. A small country with over 200 million people, Japan has an extensive public transportation system that connects its densely populated urban areas. This has allowed us to deploy thousands of servers within close proximity to large customer bases across Asia. With direct fiber connections into Tokyo and Yokohama, along with our fully redundant global backbone connection through Canada and New York, we have created an unmatched level of connectivity in one of Asia’s most demanding regions. We provide not only peace of mind but also lightning-fast speeds for high-bandwidth requirements such as gaming or high-quality video streaming.

Flexible scale and capacity for all-size businesses

There are many server plans you can choose from. No matter which plans you choose, we’ll equip it with enough power and disk space for your growing business. We also offer add-on services like Private Network IP addresses and dedicated storage, which let you build and expand your cloud-based IT infrastructure as needed. This flexibility means that no matter what kind of business you run, or how much data or compute power it requires, we have a plan that will give your company everything it needs to succeed.

Maximum uptime with the server clusters

As soon as you choose Onlive Server, you can be certain that your server will have 100% uptime. They are backed up by 8 years of experience and a lot of technological developments. The company has over 35 data centers located across three continents – the USA, Europe, and Asia. The majority of these data centers have their own generators which operate on diesel fuel ensuring a round-the-clock power supply in case there is an outage from utility companies. Another 10 datacenters are connected to each other with a high-speed backbone network using gigabit Ethernet for quick data interchange.

Data center location flexibility

The vast majority of dedicated servers are offered from just one or two locations. By contrast, we have over 50 data centers on four continents so you can be certain that you’ll have plenty of choices for where to house your server. This gives you unparalleled flexibility when it comes to choosing a location that is close to your most important customers and users. Of course, it’s not all about local audiences. If you operate in several countries at once, we can help by giving you all of these options and more, including premium locations that will give you even faster connectivity across Europe, America, and the Asia Pacific.

The highest quality network connection

If you want an excellent hosting experience, you’re going to need more than decent hardware. The network connection between your server and our data center is perhaps even more important. To achieve optimal performance, we have our own point-to-point lines that connect us directly with over 40 different carriers worldwide, meaning minimal latency for your users. Plus, most of our international data connections are double-digit Gbps – allowing multiple terabits per second of throughput from Japan alone. And since these connections are carrier-agnostic, bandwidth providers can deliver additional bandwidth at any time if capacity is needed for unexpected spikes in traffic.