Onlive Server is a leading industry in Malaysia VPS server hosting, that provides you a cheap and best VPS Hosting with high speed, reliability, and dedicated resources.

Advantages of our Malaysia VPS Server Hosting: –

  • With our 24/7 support service, you can get instant help from our team. We are available online to help you solve any issue related to your server or website.
  • We provide different types of VPS packages that fit your budget needs and meet all your requirements. All our servers have unlimited bandwidth and disk space so that you can host any type of website without worrying about your site’s performance or storage problems at all.

It has constructed with the latest hardware technology.

Onlive Server is construct with the latest hardware technology. It comes with high-end servers that have been built to provide you with high speed and reliable performance, as well as bigger processing power. The company has chosen some of the most powerful CPUs that are available on the market today, including Intel processors.

The operating system used by Onlive Server is Linux-based, which means it will be familiar. If you are already using another Linux server provider but it also means that there’s a little more technical knowledge needed when you first set up your VPS because they use different tools than what most web developers would normally use.

Operating systems like Linux and Windows.

Linux and Windows are the ideal choice for your VPS hosting. Operating systems like Linux and Windows run on the Onlive Server’s proprietary hardware. That is designed to provide you with instant access via the remote desktop connection.

This will enable you to manage your virtual private server from any corner of the world, as long as you have a high-speed internet connection for a smooth connection. Another added advantage is that a high-security firewall for avoiding DDOS attacks can be installed on request by our engineers in order to ensure the maximum safety of your data.

A custom operating system installation facility has been develop specifically for Onlive Server. And it allows users to install their own operating systems without any difficulty or need for technical expertise.

High-speed internet connection for a smooth connection.

A good Internet connection is essential for any business to function. The internet is the backbone of everyday business operations, allowing you to communicate with clients and colleagues, share knowledge, and access information from around the world almost instantly.

Most VPS hosting providers offer high-speed internet connections that provide enough bandwidth for multiple applications running at once without affecting your server’s performance. However, if you require a dedicated bandwidth connection or need a higher speed than what they offer, Onlive Server can help make it happen. We’ll work with you to determine exactly how much bandwidth you need and what type of connection would best suit your needs before determining an appropriate plan for your Malaysia data center.

High-security firewall for avoiding DDOS attacks.

It is a premium VPS hosting providing company in Singapore. They offer different types of VPS hosting services with various features at affordable prices. Their premium VPS hosting plans are available with high performance, reliability, and security.

One thing that makes Onlive Server stand out from other web hosting providers is its custom-made firewall system which can protect your server from DDOS attacks. And other cyber-attacks to ensure complete data protection for you and your customers.

Custom operating system installation facility.

In addition to the standard operating system installations, Onlive Server also provides a custom OS installation facility. As per your needs, you can choose from a list of operating systems such as Linux or Windows. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of different versions of Linux and Windows as per your requirements. In addition to this, if for some reason the OS that you want is not offer on this list then don’t worry. You still get an opportunity to install whatever operating system you desire by choosing the Custom Installation option.

Highly useful for maintaining a high-traffic website.

In addition to providing a high-quality hosting service, we also have excellent customer support. We understand that your business depends on having a good connection between your server and the internet. So we make sure that our hardware can handle any kind of bandwidth. In fact, we’re one of the few providers that offer a 100% uptime guarantee for all our customers.  If you want someone to take care of all the technical details for you. So that you can focus on running your business, Onlive Server is here for you.

It allows you to run your own online business store smoothly

It is highly useful for maintaining a high-traffic website as it has been construct with the latest hardware technology. And operating systems like Linux and Windows. The servers have also been design with a high-speed internet connection. For a smooth connection between the Malaysia VPS Hosting and your website.