Cheap Linux VPS

Comparing Ubuntu VPS and Cantos VPS is very important when choosing the right operating system for your virtual private server. To start with, both are completely free-to-use, open-source operating systems with outstanding community support. You have the option of selecting between Ubuntu VPS and Linux VPS for setting up a dedicated server or a virtual private server.

Both Ubuntu and Centos are major Linux distributions or operating systems the majority of the web servers run on. However, when it comes to understanding the one that will suit your requirements in the best way, there is a bit of brainstorming required.

Cantos VPS

This REL or Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based operating system has gained huge popularity as a reliable and stable Linux distribution deployed in business and IT environments. It is basically a commercial product available with properly paid support. Quite the same as RHEL, Centos offers the option of developing and making it one of the safest choices for users. All because of its corporate-level security update attribute.

The best thing about cantos is that it is quite stable and is less vulnerable to all kinds of cyber-attacks. Nevertheless, it is not that user-friendly and also does not come with maximum technical support. This free enterprise OS was first released in the month of May in 2004, and since then, it has been successful in grabbing the attention of the users.

The best thing about Centos is that it integrates the other Linux-based aspects like Fedora, FreeBSD, and Debian for building a completely secure server environment. Not just that, Centos is stable, secure, and highly customizable. In the year 2010, Centos garnered recognition for becoming the most well-known Linux distribution for the web servers.

Hence, it would be a good deal for you to go for Centos VPS, which is not just functional but even affordable for running a server on it. With Centos, you get the flexibility for any VPS plan to run multiple virtual private servers on Linux or Windows images. And you even get the scope of installing various other control panels such as cPanel or Plesk.

Ubuntu VPS

Speaking of Ubuntu VPS, it is a simple Linux-based operating system. The best thing about this system is it is completely based on the Debian architecture. It is completely different from the other Linux distributions and is famous for its knotty commands. Ubuntu is the most well-known Linux operating system in the world and probably one of the simplest Linux distributions.

Ubuntu and CentOS come with several pre-installed applications while also being popular for their majority of cutting-edge features and updates. The community support available with Ubuntu is very strong, with tutorials also available for easy learning. Nevertheless, one drawback of using Ubuntu is that it is highly vulnerable to different varieties of attacks and web threats because of regular updates.

Ubuntu VPS Uniqueness

It comes in over 55 languages and 40000 applications. With Ubuntu, the users get three main editions. They are:

Server for the enterprise or small servers

Desktop for the standard desktop systems

Core for IoT or Internet of Things

Comparison of Updates and Release Schedules

A new version of Ubuntu VPS is available every six months, generally in April or in October. The desktop release of the system supports a time span of 9 months. The LTS or Long-Term Support Ubuntu updates gets released every two years with 5 years of support. Ubuntu always comes included with new software in brand new versions mainly because of constant security updates. Thus, it has a chance of creating conflicts with the existing configurations and software.

Speaking of Centos, the operating systems have longer release cycles along with prolonged support. The new version of a Centos VPS is released every two to four years. There’s support available for a time span of ten years from the date of release, along with computability and security updates. It even comes with a smaller development team and a lack of proper access to different product updates from third parties. CentOS’s releasing time was just after the release of a brand-new version of RHEL or Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Package Management in Ubuntu VPS and Centos VPS

Speaking of the difference between Ubuntu VPS and Centos VPS, both have varied architectures and origins. And this is one of the major reasons why both of them have varied software managers too.

The APT or Advanced Package Tool is the standard package management structure for all the distributions that are based on the Debian architecture. This is a very stable and durable software management device for dealing with DEB packages. Speaking of Ubuntu, it uses APT package manager for installing software from the DEB packages.

On the other hand, Centos makes use of Update Manager or YUM. This is basically a front-end podium developed for managing network repositories, addressing dependencies, performing installations, monitoring updates, and other action blends. YUM has the ability to handle updates automatically in times of new software installations. Therefore, it is more straightforward to install the software. RPM is the Red Hat Enterprise Linux VPS management system, and there are Centos also using RPM packages. The users need to download and install RPM plans from the central repository by way of YUM.


You can always get yourself a premium or affordable Linux Ubuntu or Centos VPS hosting service for improved efficiency and increased speed.

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