USA VPS Server

We are Onlive Infotech, a main organization imparting USA VPS Server. We are specialized in turning in remarkable VPS internet hosting offering at low-cost cost with a hundred percent uptime guarantee. Our and surprisingly professional group of specialists will assist you construct your website per your requirement. Our group is properly conscious of the present-day enterprise development and will be in a position to diagram and create your internet site in accordance to your specification. We provide limitless bandwidth, limitless e mail accounts, limitless databases, and limitless domains underneath one roof, making our carrier extra less expensive for small enterprise owner.

We grant low-priced USA VPS Server from the great company like Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS, Linde, etc. It potential that you can host more than one web sites on one server barring any downtime or downtime issues. You can additionally control all your website from a single panel which make it handy for internet admins to control their website besides having to employ extra assist from time to time.

Our provider is quickly and dependable due to the fact we have designed server based totally on the cutting-edge science so that we can supply excessive overall performance via our server at low price.

Why did you pick this one server?

When you pick out us, you will get all the advantages of deciding on as your provider. You can be guaranteed that you will get exceptional and dependable server from us. We have been in this enterprise for many years now and have received a lot of ride and knowledge, which has helped us apprehend what client want from their server.

We apprehend the significance of having an environment friendly infrastructure that can assist more than one functions concurrently barring breaking down or crashing due to demand spikes or overloads on your community connection or hardware assets such as RAM or CPU utilization capacity. That is why we take more care whilst designing our digital machines (VMs) software program structure by using enforcing terrific techniques such as load balancing and failover policies.

How is this one helping in growing your business websites?

Onlive Infotech is the best choice if you want an excellent hosting service provider. They have been offering satisfactory offering because 2003. We grant our client with a number services such as VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and many more. We goal to furnish extremely good offerings at low priced expenditures with notable consumer support. All our products are compatible with all browsers and operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc. 

Highly qualified professionals manage our servers with years of experience. All our servers are 100%, and 24/7 live support is provided by our experts whenever required.

We also provide free domain names to our customers and hosting packages so they can easily manage their websites without hassle. Even if they want to add new pages or upgrade their existing ones, they need not worry about anything because we will take care of everything related to hosting, such as backups, security patches, etc.

What are the advantages?

We have developed a unique platform that allows you to get everything you need in one place. You can buy cheap USA VPS server from Onlive Infotech; We provide all VPS hosting services and Linux VPS servers. Our services are very reliable, secure, and cost-effective. You can avail of our full range of services at very affordable rates. We have servers located across India and Europe as well. You can choose your preferred location according to your requirements.

Our team has been highly experienced with the latest technologies in the web hosting industry for many years. We have experts who work round the clock to provide the best service at a reasonable price. You can contact us anytime to get help from our team members. When you hire us for your business website or blog, we will take care of everything from designing your site, application development, and maintenance to its hosting and maintenance.

We offer different types of servers, along with Windows and Linux servers, which will help you get the best performance from your website and application. Our cheap VPS Server is perfect for all your business needs. With a VPS hosting plan, you can have with the basic features needed to run your business.

You can start with just one machine and add more devices per your requirement. You can also decide on how much RAM, Disk space, and bandwidth each machine will have by customizing them according to your business requirements.

What are the features?

Our mission is to offer our customers the best possible services for your business needs. We have a team of technical professionals who create and maintain high-class VPS servers. They provide our customers with reliable, secure, and affordable hosting services at affordable prices.

We offer a variety of high-performance and reliable VPS servers that are suitable for your website’s requirements. These servers have excellent server uptime, resources, CPU, RAM, storage, and other features required by your website. Our customers can choose from various plans to suit their business needs.


Onlive Infotech is a leading vps hosting provider in the USA. We provide Linux VPS Server hosting at the lowest price. If you are looking for a cheap vps server, you can consider our cheap vps server in the USA. We offer reliable and secure hosting services at affordable prices.