Domain Name Search

Domain Name Search

If you want to create and run a website, then the term ‘Domain Name Search will be an essential term for you to deal with. Before successfully building a website, you need to explore and understand all about the domain name.

What domain name is it?

A domain name is nothing but the permanent address of a website on the web. The domain name is what people are supposed to type on their web browser to visit your website on the internet. For example, is the domain name of the website YouTube. Whenever you are on the official website of YouTube, you get to see this domain name on the address bar. Every website on the internet must have a domain name.

More on the domain name

At first, you need to buy and register a specific domain name suitable for your business or purpose. Then you will be able to use this domain to start your website. If a visitor wants to visit or browse your site, he/she needs to put the domain name on the address bar of their browser, and then their computer is to send a request to a server known as DNS (Domain Name System). This DNS responds with the IP addresses of the hosting server of your website. Then the visitor can reach your website successfully. Hence, a domain name search is quite important regarding a website.

Different parts of domain name

A domain name can either have a single word or several words as per need and demand. At the end of the words, there will be a dot which is followed by a suffix. The suffix after the dot is known to be TLD or Top Level Domain. Words to the left of the dot are known as second-level domains. In, YouTube is a second-level domain.

Dotcom is known to be the ultimate TLD that is in active use. 200+ domain name extensions are there, and every day, some new ones are being added. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers happens to oversee creation as well as management of domain names. Dotcom certainly gets the first and foremost importance regarding any commercial venture to create and run their website on the internet.

What are some generic domain extensions?

The extension is quite significant for a website as it can indicate the nature of business. For example, the .com extension is used for various commercial is best suited for some educational sites. On the other hand, .org is mostly used by various non-profits and other miscellaneous organizations, whereas different government websites use .gov. Domain name search is important in this regard.

But most businesses prefer to go for the .com option as it is the most common and popular type of extension to be used by users and visitors. Some business owners decide to register domain names on different TLDs to prevent others from buying identical domain names in different TLDs. Doing this can also effectively avoid copyright issues later. For example, also owns other TLDs like to prevent others from purchasing the same or similar extension name. But this redirects different visitors to, which is proved to be a great advantage.

It is important to know that few domain extensions are considered strictly restricted, such as .edu. It simply means that you are not allowed to register and use .edu unless you happen to be an educational institution. To get this extension, you must provide proper proof and evidence that you are an education institute.

Country-level TLD

Apart from generic TLDs described above, there are also country-level domain extensions such as .us for the United States of America, .jp for Japan, .in for India. If a business is location-based, it will be ideal to register under such country-level TLD. Moreover, this is also known to be beneficial if you target visitors from some specific country. Such domain name extensions are based on the standard country abbreviations according to International Standards Organization.

Registering a domain name

If you want to have a domain name for your website, you must register with some domain registrar to make this your own. Registrar is known to be such an authorizing company which is accredited through the International Committee of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) for selling domain name registrations.

Once you buy it, then you own a domain name for a specific period. During this period, you can do anything with this domain name, such as starting a website of your own, selling it to another person or business, or using a custom email address.

There are plenty of accredited registrars that you can choose to go for. In this regard, it would be great for you to do the proper research beforehand to find the best registrar option for your website and business.

You must keep in mind some aspects while looking for a domain name registrar: cost of a domain name, type of the domain name extension, and if there are some additional services provided. Getting high-quality support and service from the registrar should also be a priority for you. An accredited registrar is quite essential regarding domain name search. This is the very reason you are required to explore everything about a specific registrar before choosing it.