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Factors To Look For When Book Domain Name Online

Long gone are the days when Book Domain Name Online was a complicated task that required professional registrars to do it for you. Nowadays, Book Domain Name Online from the comfort of their seat. If you are looking to book a domain name, you will need a domain registrar to provide a domain name. Domain registrars are the firms in charge of registering and managing the domain names for all of the world’s websites. Since there are so many opportunities to be duped, picking the correct domain name registrar is crucial. This article shall discuss how one can choose the best domain registrar when booking the domain name online. 

Pricing and Registration Period

The very first thing you should look at is the cost of a domain name. Some domain registrars, for example, may offer low upfront rates for the first year of registration, but the renewal fees can be much more. Book Domain Name Online can be enrolled for a minimum of one year. However, some businesses may demand a longer registration time, such as a minimum of two years. A domain name can be registered for up to ten years at a period.

We recommend registering the domain name for one year if you are purchasing a new web address. Your domain will not expire if you enable automatic renewal. It would help if you also looked into any additional fees associated with domain transfers, renewals, and other expenses.

Domain Transfers

A domain name can be assigned from one registrar to different. Usually, you would not need to transfer the domain name immediately away, but you should be able to do so quickly if you’re dissatisfied with your current registrar. The first thing to remember is that a domain name cannot be transferred within the first 60 days of registration. ICANN decides on the starting period. Following that, you are free to transfer it to any other registrar.

The majority of domain registrars make it simple to transfer domain names for no additional cost. On the other hand, some may try to make it difficult or charge a price to remove the domain lock. Before you purchase a domain name from any registrar, make sure you read the domain transfer policy.

Domain Expiration Policies

Domain names are only registered for a specified time. You can extend the life of the domain registration before it expires. If you overlook replenishing the domain name, it will expire, and anyone will be able to register it. For companies, this means that their Book Domain Name could be taken over. You can establish auto-renewals for the domain name to prevent this from happening.

Even if you utilize the automatic renewal feature, it’s a good idea to check the expiration policy of your domain registrar. Even after the domain has expired, some registrars provide a grace period. You can renew the expired domain name during this grace period.

Add-on Services

It should help if you also look into what other services the domain registrar provides. Even if you don’t require these services currently, it’s helpful to know that they are available. Domain parking, extended expiration protection, domain privacy, and other add-on services may be available. Some domain registrars may also offer WordPress hosting, website builders, email hosting, and email marketing services, among other things.

Why Book Domain Name Online with Onlive Server

Onlive Server provides pricing structures that are not complicated. They have ensured that their renewal figure does not vary. Their prices change between the domain extensions, but they are affordable. When it comes to transferring the domain to another registrar, there are no extra costs involved.

The support services from Onlive Server are among the best in the market. They understand that you may not need the help, but if something critical comes up that might bring a problem with the renewal, they will assist. Unlike other domain registrars, which only offer .com and .net, Onlive Server has a wide variety to choose from.

They have excellent domain management features. It is essential to have a domain registrar that provides an intuitive user panel to manage domains. At some point, you may require to move your domains or even modify the CNAME records. These jobs can be made more difficult by a complicated control panel.


Numerous domain registrars are available in the market. This article has tackled some of the key factors you should look into to ensure you receive uninterrupted service from the domain registrar. One of the best service providers of domain names is the Onlive Server. If you have plans to use the same provider for the domain and web hosting after enrolling the domain name, it is advised to their hosting plans they offer. Onlive Server provides superb performance and has a wide variety of plans you can choose from.